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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers about Hypospadias.

21. How long does my child have to stay in hospital?

Children with glanular or distal hypospadias usually he can go home between 1 – 5 (average 3) days after the operation depending on the age of the patient, the family circumstances and the degree of swelling after the surgery.

Children with proximal hypospadias (grade III a)  usually have one transurethral catheter for 7 days and the child can go home on day 8th.

Children with proximal hypospadias associated with deep chordee (Grade III b) usually have 2 catheters, one transurethral catheter for 7 days and another  catheter through the abdominal wall into the bladder for about 2 weeks. The child may stay in the hospital up to 2 weeks but may go home earlier if the mother can look after the child and ensure that the catheter does not come out.

Children with perineal hypospadias usually require two stage urethroplasty. In the first operation, the surgeon corrects the chordee (penile curvature) and prepares the glans for the urethroplasty. The hospital stay is 3-5 days. In the second stage, urethroplasty is performed to the tip of the penis and the hospital stay is usually 8-14 days.

22. Does my child have to be bed ridden or can he move around after the hypospadias-operation?

The aim after hypospadias surgery is to fix the penis and not the child.

This means that the child can move around as soon as he is fully awake from anesthesia. He can sleep on his abdomen and lead a normal life. However care must be taken to protect the genital area and to avoid unplanned removal of the catheter.

23. How long should the dressing remain on the wound?

In glanular and distal forms (Grade I,II) the dressing is usually removed 1-2 days after the operation. In proximal forms (Grade III, IV) the dressing is usually removed 7 days after the operation.

24. How long should the catheter remain in penis?

Different surgeons have different protocols:

Prof. Hadidi removes the catheter from the urethra within the first 2 days in Garde I, II hypospadias and after 7 days after proximal hypospadias (Grade III, IV) or in complicated hyposapdias.

25. Will my son receive medications after surgery?

Grade I, II receive antibiotics and local ointment for one week after surgery.

Grade III, IV receive antibiotics and local ointment for two weeks after surgery.

26. How can I clean my son after surgery? When can he take a shower?

You can clean immediately after surgery with a wet towel. When you clean the penis this should be longitudinally along the wound and not across.

your son can take a shower one week after surgery for distal hypospadias.
your son can take a shower two weeks after surgery for proximal hypospadias

27. When can my son sit in the bath tub or swim or play sport?

The idea is that we need to keep the wound clean and dry for proper healing and to avoid infection.

The wound takes one month to heal by 70 %. That is why we try to avoid swimming or bathing or sport for one month after surgery.

28. When can my son go back to kindergarden?

Ideally, we should wait for one month. However, if we can avoid trauma to the penis before, your son may go to the kindergarden earlier with special precautions.

29. Can my son use pampers after surgery? Are there any precautions?

Our standard protocol is to use 2 pampers immediately after surgery and this should continue for a month after surgery. The idea is that pampers protect the penis from trauma. However, for one week after surgery, we need to change the pampers every two hours when the child is awake. When he is asleep, we should not wake him up to change the pampers.

30. Are there any precautions when my son travel by car, How about the seat belt?

Our aim is to avoid trauma to the penis and the genital area for one month after surgery. Therefore, in addition to the two pampers your son is wearing, we recommend to put twofloded pampers between the seat belt and the pampers on the penis.



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